There I am again, stuck in traffic and staring at the bumper of the orange '80s Datsun idling in front of me. You know the kind of car -- the one with the political bumper sticker that makes you want to do something drastic, violent, something that could raise your car insurance another 50 bucks a month. It's just a sticker, just a little paper, ink, and laminate some jerk decided to affix to his car. But I'm livid, stuck in this slow lane to nowhere, relegated to contemplating how many bumper stickers I've seen. Then, the mind wanders to all those cars with stuffed animals lined up in the back window, those cars with tree-shaped air fresheners dangling from the rear-view mirror, and all those damned nonsense vanity plates. Not once does the word "art" cross my mind. Not once. Then,... More >>>