My friends, both of them, have begun speaking in a new language. They often claim they are "beaten down" and "whipped" by things that once merely irritated them; they celebrate the "greatness" of those they admire; they refer to the inferior among us as "spares"; they greet each other with a curt "Hey, buddy" before they, well, "curve it around." It's rather astonishing how one AM station has reshaped our vocabulary by tossing out phrases that catch on like a virus in an airplane full of the infirm. But KTCK-AM (1310, 1700) -- otherwise known as The Ticket -- has, in its nearly six years of existence, become something of a staple even among those with little interest in the doings out at the Pepsi Compound. There's a reason the station sold out the lower bowl of Reunion Arena for its upcoming Charity Challenge on Ice hockey game -- because the lunatics have taken over the asylum, and they all... More >>>