Blink--or, more likely, doze--and you will miss it, this tiny, beautiful oasis in the middle of an otherwise barren wasteland. For a moment--a precious, frustrating moment to be treasured in a movie that flaunts its disposability--Cage reminds us of how good an actor he can be, when he attempts to transcend the trash in which he so often wallows these days. Wearing a smarmy smirk, a shiny suit, and a glint in his wide-open eyes, Cage, playing Randall "Memphis" Raines, chats up a Ferrari salesman in a high, preening, mocking tone of voice, insisting he doesn't want to be one more L.A. "weenie" pulling up to a burger stand in a fire-red sports car. "What else ya got in the warehouse?" Memphis wonders, no longer able to contain the car thief within. The only thing he doesn't do is wring his hands and lick his lips. For that split second, Cage looks like a man unhinged, a jive-talking dude cruising for a good time at the... More >>>