Steely Dan no longer exists. Forget about the name, despite what you read in this paper's music listings; since when did "in print" mean "the truth" anyway? Walter Becker and Donald Fagen are sick to death of the name--ah, if only they had gone with one of their original choices, among them Virginia Mastic Wiener Whistle, The Don't Fucks, Penis Whip, The Pewterberg Faction, and just "The"--and besides, it don't mean much anymore. So, lest they be left behind by time and technology, Becker and Fagen propose a new moniker better suited to these glory days of record company-Internet service provider mergers. They now wish to be called, simply, "The Content Partners," which, as they describe it on the quite official Steely Dan Web site, is "fresh...edgy...and absolutely guaranteed to make the New Paradigm bigwigs...stand up and take notice of who we are and what we are about and where we want... More >>>