He's sitting in a makeshift conference room in a temporary building, not far from where workmen are finishing his more permanent, palatial digs -- maybe a long touchdown pass or kickoff return from SMU's nearly finished Gerald J. Ford Stadium. Even now, with silver and green wires hanging everywhere, with dirty uncovered pipes cluttering the floor, GFS is a wondrous vision -- for a football field, at least. At one end of the horseshoe-shaped structure is an enormous scoreboard sitting atop a shaded, sloping hill just above the south end zone. Across the way, above the north end zone, are scores of red and blue bleachers with a picturesque view of the downtown skyline. There are no bad seats here. Even the uppermost level has an intimate feeling, as though the sideline is only an arm's length away.Still, head coach Mike Cavan doesn't gush over his soon-to-be home. He doesn't let it delude him. He... More >>>