This is the beginning of The Way of the Gun you will not see, because it was written but never filmed: Two men, Parker (Ryan Phillippe, sporting a pubic beard) and Longbaugh (Benicio Del Toro, looking lost and dangerous), urinate in an open grave in front of mourners, beat up a priest, steal organs meant for transplant, and shoot a dog. The introduction, which filled 10 pages, was to be shot in the style of a Michael Bay picture--all bag-o'-tricks technique, no point to any of it. The introduction was intended to look like a trailer of sorts, a sneak peek at The Adventures of Parker and Longbaugh, and it was to end with a hand ripping a red filter off the lens, revealing a bleak, bland Midwestern "reality" after all the razzle and dazzle. But writer-director Christopher McQuarrie thought better of including this introduction, even... More >>>