The cynic won't care, the skeptic won't understand, and the true believer will be overwhelmed: Nearly 30 years to the day of Jimi Hendrix's death, here come 56 more unreleased-unavailable-unattainable tracks from a man more prolific in death than in life. Three studio albums before his death, 300 or so after--the man's been bootlegged more often than whiskey, and his back catalog fills more pages than a phone book. And, yes, the familiar fill a good chunk of this four-disc box, even if they are alternate versions that sound more or less the same: "Purple Haze" kicks off disc one, followed in quick succession by "Hey Joe" (twice, live and in studio), "Foxey Lady," "If 6 Was 9," "Little Wing" (again, two times), "The Wind Cries Mary," "Star Spangled Banner," "Stone Free," "Voodoo Child," and on and on until you have in your possession an alternate history of... More >>>