Statistics don't lie. Fewer than one thousand of the millions who call Dallas home trudged along the broken sidewalks of Fairmont Street or sidestepped the gutter slime in Deep Ellum last year for the annual Dallas Art Dealers Association Artwalk. Don't blame the piss-poor turnout on the quality of art on view for the fall season opener of the city's visual arts venues. Don't blame the hard-working DADA members, or even the nonmember factions that gamely participate even when they're not particularly wanted. And don't blame the weather, the economy, the threat of nuclear war, or late-summer sunspots. Put the blame squarely where it belongs: on the shoulders of the Dallasites who wholeheartedly embrace an intense form of apathy when it comes to the city's artists, art galleries, and even its museums. Hey, it's a see-and-be-seen scene out there in Cosmopolis, and let's face it, the art crowd for the most part couldn't care less about social climbing. Money, they like. But if elitism exists among the art set, it's more about edginess and enthusiasm than wretched excess; more... More >>>