A cold breeze blows through an open window, and a football game silently unfolds on the television screen. The old man sitting on the couch regards the game with mild interest, though not long ago, football was his passion, a way of pocketing a little scratch during those long stretches when Hollywood lost his number. Over the course of the two hours spent with his interviewer in a $675-a-night suite at one of Dallas' most extravagant hotels, he will glance every now and then at the mute screen, quietly rooting for his old hometown team, the New York Jets. "They're undefeated, and so are the Giants, so that's kind of neat." The 75-year-old, clad head-to-toe in rumpled khaki, chuckles softly. In the next room, his wife, Kathryn, is being tended to by two hairdressers clad in black leather pants; in a few hours, she and her husband will attend the... More >>>