What will ultimately save Bratmobile from the riot girl ghetto of early '90s commercial nostalgia can be summed up in one word: balls. While their original peers were shrill and dogmatic, Bratmobile was too immediate in learning not to give a fuck. The three-woman band--formed in Eugene, Oregon, lead by singer Allison Wolfe, and backed by one-string guitarist Erin Smith and drummer Molly Neuman--took the clumsy-rock warrior act the Slits pioneered 20 years earlier and grafted onto it the bravado of 1980s rock. They pulled it off so well that, at the height of the riot girls' notoriety, a talk show host proposed a faceoff with David Lee Roth. Listen to Wolfe out-Danzig Glen on their 1992 cover of the Misfits' "Where Eagles Dare," and it's hard to imagine why that showdown... More >>>