It's a beautiful day in a beautiful world, or so it seems when listening to U2's "Beautiful Day" ("It's a beautiful day," insists Bono, "don't let it go away") and Coldplay's "Don't Panic" ("We live in a beautiful world," moans Chris Martin, "yeah, we do") back to back...and back to back again, until your heart kind of hurts. It's not at all easy to dismiss a year in which those two songs exist--antidotes to the pop ennui that has engulfed us ever since Max Martin gave birth to baby Britney, salves to the festering wounds opened by Marilyn Manson, Eminem, Fred Durst, and the other ridiculous, clown-faced merchants of penny-ante angst and hate. The dawn of the new millennium has presented us a little hope, and only the foolish or deaf would dare turn down the offer. Now, if you'd only turn down... More >>>