It may be true that rock critics are a bunch of failed musicians. I wouldn't know, because the prospect of career musicianship (turned sour for me around Suzuki Book Four, thanks) seems equally depressing as growing old writing record reviews. There's a difference between a successful musician and a career one, and it has nothing to do with talent. Usually, but not always, it has to do with how interesting you are. Dr. Dre is a career musician; Eminem, hopefully, is not. Weird Al is a career musican; Atom and His Package are not. Carole King: Career Musician. Debbie Harry, nope. Louise Post, Nina Gordon: career musicians. Le Tigre: definitely not. Blake Schwarzenbach, you are not a career musician. Please fade into obscurity before you hire another string section.This fall, Cave In, a Boston band who's put out a few damn good records, released an album that made their aspirations for a future full of Music Videos, Guitar Techs, and K-Tel compilations achingly clear. Overproduced, regurgitated... More >>>