Stuart Goddard's been out of sight for so long it's tempting to let him remain there--good-bye, good rubbish, good God, does anyone still care? Last anyone heard from the bloke he was in the hospital, fending off rumors of depression and suicide attempts; hell of a way to ring in the new year, trying to convince a world that's forgotten about you that you haven't quite finished with it. Imagine the headlines had he offed himself: "Adam Ant squashes self" or, better yet, "Antmusic for dead people." Worse still, imagine the obituaries that surely would have dismissed Goddard as a king of the wild frontier long ago dethroned and banished to the where-are-they-now hinterlands. Maybe there would have been a few mentions about how, in recent years, he was claimed as an influence by the likes of Nine Inch Nails (who invited him onstage and covered his "Physical (You're... More >>>