The candidate points disapprovingly at discarded crack vials littering the stoop of an East Oak Cliff convenience store. Then he reaches into his stylish black suit and gives a stringy-haired drifter five bucks for dinner. Dwaine Caraway, friend of the downtrodden, explains his generosity. "He didn't buy a quart of beer," he says. "He bought a hamburger. It may have helped someone avoid getting knocked in the head."Raised in the neighborhood and disgusted by its persistent ills, Caraway, who is campaigning aggressively to succeed his wife, Barbara Mallory Caraway, as the Dallas City Council member for District 6, pledges to fight such maladies. Which, he says during a long drive in his Cadillac through the serpent-shaped district, which takes in a sizable swath of Oak Cliff and West Dallas--as well as an ill-matched chunk of North Dallas--can mostly be blamed on one thing: No one's kicking butts at home or in the... More >>>