In the Disco Biscuits' kitchen, beneath the grimy glitterball that's really a bong, roly-poly Phisheads and dead-headed trance fans take turns cutting the astral rug while scratching each others' backs, humming a hymn of solidarity that's like a solar sunspot with a touch of gray. The Pennsylvania-based granola godhead of the burgeoning "trance fusion" scene--spot-weld the spiraling guitar swaths and hippy-dippy Cheez Whiz of improv-based rock to the Teutonic thud and hippy-dippy Cheez Whiz of streamlined trance--the Biscuits are working hard to take jam-band culture into the 21st century, incorporating instead of ignoring the technological advances the dance-music community has made since the Dead's grateful started scrawling things like into their... More >>>