You don't have to be a paranoid android to know who's gonna show up at a Radiohead show. It's like a modern-rock rogues gallery: You've got your music-nerd types (the guys in the seventh row squinting hard at guitarist Jonny Greenwood's new bank of keyboards), your Top 40 refugees (the guys in the second row wondering why guitarist Greenwood's not playing guitar), your hippies (the kids way in the back not really watching the show) and your college-radio stalwarts (do those guys still exist?). But who's there an hour before Radiohead saunters onstage, when it's still light outside and the couple behind you--they're the professionals who were grad students when "Creep" was out--are cracking open a case of wine coolers? Who's either eager or earnest enough to show up on time, early even? Who's, this summer anyway, watching the Beta Band? That's a tough one. For here's a band way weirder than Radiohead that makes music way more normal than Radiohead's, a band that almost anyone could like, yet most people don't, a band that could be great but usually settles for, "Um, yeah, OK." Who among Thom Yorke's faithful flock will bend an open ear? Beta Band drummer Robin... More >>>