If you're a member of Dallas' mildly xenophobic and snooty downtown demimonde, then the last thing you ever say when fishing for something to do is, "Let's go to Frisco." We're not talking about the city by the bay, but the 33,000-strong and growing 'burb in north, north Dallas, where McKinney meets The Colony meets Plano meets Oklahoma. Sure, Frisco is making waves among the fast-and-cool, God-fearing white folks of North Texas as the new Plano: Nordstrom cosmetics counter? Check; Bang & Olufsen electronics store? Check. But aside from an up-and-coming school district and neighborhoods that differ from house to house only by choice of brick and trim color, Frisco seems a far cry from Dallas' aspiring urbanity. Really, some of us believe the suburbs begin where NorthPark Center ends. We see the region where the 972 area code takes effect as that vast wasteland you venture into when you have to hit the Galleria or hop on a plane bound for either coast. There's simply no reason to travel north unless you want to bop around Asian and Indian restaurants and grocery stores, planning your ethnically... More >>>