Though I've just had a conversation with singer Todd Baechle in which we took turns saying things, there's still a couple of questions about the Faint, the Omaha, Nebraska, band he fronts, burning semi-important holes in the back of my mind. For starters, there's the one to which he moaned and said, "That was definitely one of our worst shows ever." It's not that I don't believe him; it's just that I'm not sure he's right. I'd asked about a Faint show I caught last summer, June or July. It was really hot. I, a handful of my friends and about 400 other kids whose names I don't know were gathered inside some sort-of-air-conditioned hall in the middle of Columbus, Ohio's state fairgrounds. We were sweating. Lots of kids were selling shit, from homemade-tampon kits to paperback guides on making and selling your own records to crates and crates of CDs someone didn't make... More >>>