On a good day, Mark Cuban might respond to a journalist's query with a terse, unpunctuated e-mail that reads like something dashed off by a hostage while his captors are in the can. It's understandable: The man's running the Dallas Mavericks, investing in movie distribution and exhibition companies, sticking it to NBA commissioner David Stern about bad officiating, getting daring 'dos...no, wait. But last week, a missive arrived in the electronic inbox that measured some 1,500 words--maybe he thought he was getting paid by the word. Titled "The Music Biz According to Mark"--punctuated with a little ":)"--it was the culmination of a week's worth of communication instigated last month, when I was fact-checking Courtney Love's claims during the South by Southwest Music Conference that Cuban once tried to buy Napster--something never before reported anywhere. As it turned out, Love was... More >>>