The lot at the corner of Fry and Oak streets in Denton, next door to Voertman's bookstore and across from the Cork Screw, still sits empty. There are a few trees and bushes, freckles of weeds on the packed dirt and trash, beer bottles and cans, fliers for shows and condoms, mostly. It doesn't sound like much, but in Denton, this is prime property: blocks away from campus, not far from patchwork quilts of apartment complexes and off of one of the main roads through town. It's big enough to fit an eight-plex or maybe a fast-food restaurant with a drive-thru and parking lot. Or it could add dozens of parking spaces to the bookstore next door for the back-to-school rush. Instead, for 364 days a year, it's deserted. Yet each year on the third Saturday in April, the lot is a makeshift home to Fry Street Fair, Denton's annual rock-music festival and charity fund-raiser, hosting a sound stage, a generator, a tent or two, maybe some portable toilets and lots of drunk college kids... More >>>