Didn't take long for neo-soul or whatever you wanna call it--Raphael Saadiq prefers "gospeldelic," it seems--to become another ghetto, another programming block on MTV, another marketing tool, a sticker on a jewel case, a recommended-if-you-like shrug. Even an album title, judging from former Tony Toni Toné singer Saadiq's solo debut. The smog of overpopulation swallows another breath of fresh air. Oh, well. Happens. Let's not make a big thing out of it. Still beats the R&Beeyatch batch of cash-money collabs, where either Ja Rule or Ashanti (or both) are somehow contractually required to appear on pretty much every sell-your-soul single for the forseeable future. (Or maybe it just feels like that.) And at least we have plenty of Arethas (and in Saadiq, who handles most of... More >>>