The lyin', cheatin', rat-bastard financial wizards of Wall Street might not think much of our latest investment theory. But, hey, what have they done for you lately? Here it is; short, simple, free-for-nothing, without the slightest hope of a commission: Buy art. Buy original. Buy local. During the next two weeks, you'll have the best chance to see what the local art galleries will be showing off this year. September brings the fall gallery walks, art crawls and gallery nights to both Fort Worth and Dallas. It's a darn good time to see a sampling of the work of many local artists, as well as regional and national talents--and it's a darn good time, period. It's the best afternoon-evening to get an earful of art-talk. The gallerists are giddy and eager to share; artists are available and less shy and/or agoraphobic; and free wine here and there puts everyone into a... More >>>