Ah, the enthusiasm of youth. Sure, some prefer to use the synonym "folly," but we enthusiastically disagree. See, in our more tender years, we were all about the passion: caring about politics, thinking that love wasn't a complete bullshit scam invented by Hallmark and studying art history. Yes, we took a humanities course in high school, most notably in this writer's case because of an upcoming trip to Europe he managed to afford by selling his extensive Sega collection on eBay. At that impressionable point in life, it was cool, neat and downright spiffy to know the difference between baroque and neoclassical art, and with so many artistic stops on the overseas itinerary, the "how" behind the "what" seemed that much more meaningful to learn. When we finally arrived in France, we were so well-versed in Impressionism that we made the Musée d'Orsay our bitch. We identified famous tombs, recognized varying trends in classical music and understood how brushstrokes could reflect an artist's troubled psyche.... More >>>