Dave, a man who's barely there, lulls his son to sleep with stories of a boy lost in the woods who escapes from wolves; it's a thrilling bedtime story for the child, a tale that never loses its excitement. Dave, played by Tim Robbins like some ghost who can't quite touch anything without passing through it, relishes the telling of the tale, though for him it's not a thing of fiction. He was once that little boy dashing through the woods, and the wolves were the two men posing as a cop and a priest who put him in their car, threw him in a hole and molested him for days. The abduction still haunts Dave and the two friends, Sean and Jimmy, who watched him get in the car. A grown-up Jimmy (Sean Penn) asks Sean (Kevin Bacon), "What if you or I had gotten in that car instead of Dave?" The answer hardly matters, because what happened to these three as children stays with them as adults: They all died inside on that day; they just didn't know it till... More >>>