On any given day in Dallas, you can saunter in to Gerald Peters Gallery on Fairmount Street and buy a small Picasso painting for $1.25 million, or pick up a sofa-sized David Bates at Dunn and Brown Contemporary for around $80,000. At the Dallas Center for Contemporary Art, you can see and acquire all manner of works by top Texas artists, and, at 500X, the city's leading cooperative art space, you can "discover" an emerging art star and make a shrewd investment--buy low now, sell high 10 years from now. This city boasts the encyclopedic collection of internationally acclaimed works at the Dallas Museum of Art, plus interesting work at smaller, specialized museums and art spaces. Yet, when tourists and art aficionados outside Dallas come looking for art, they're more likely to head west from the big airport in their quest. Fort Worth's Kimbell Art Museum, recently expanded Amon Carter Museum and new behemoth Modern Art Museum in the pedestrian-friendly Cultural District give Cowtown an artful... More >>>