All they ever wanted was someone who got their brand of humor--or, barring that, at least someone who could stomach it. It would not be easy to find a network executive keen on the concept of a 46-year-old ex-junkie whore returning to high school after decades on the street and in the alley, much less a concept fleshed out by incidents of mother-son incest and parental death...played for laughs, ha ha ha. And that high school was populated by grief counselors without any notion of compassion, an African-American principal named Onyx Blackman who ruled with an iron fist in a leather glove and guidance counselors who believed their students doomed for dead-end gigs at the artificial flower company. Flatpoint High School wasn't where they sent the bad students; it's where they gathered the worst teaching staff this side of...well, pretty much any public school,... More >>>