What becomes of Morgan Spurlock's body after a month of eating and drinking nothing but McDonald's assembly-line foodstuffs is not surprising. He bloats up, gaining nearly 30 pounds in 30 days. His sex drive peters out, among myriad disappointments visited upon Spurlock's vegan-chef girlfriend, who's only too happy to discuss such unhappiness. His blood pressure and cholesterol levels skyrocket. He becomes alternately hyper and lethargic, a veritable mood-swing set. He will occasionally vomit up a McSomething-or-Other, his body no longer interested in digesting one more bite of fast food. And his liver begins to resemble that of a lifelong alcoholic, much to the chagrin of the handful of doctors Spurlock employs to chart his progress, or regression, during his monthlong binge on Big Macs and jumbo colas and fried pies and chicken nuggets and french fries. Spurlock gets what he deserves: a body he loathes and a body that hates... More >>>