You can't, and mustn't, deny that the allure of the sci-fi convention is the novelty of meeting and greeting the faded crushes and fallen icons of decades past. It's a kick to shake the hand of Adam West or listen to Maud Adams and Tanya Roberts swap Bond-age stories or watch Traci Lords try to dodge the guys who want her to sign bootlegged reminders of her illicit past. For a few hours, these celebs--some major players in lucrative franchises, some bit parts in the occasional made-for-airplane movies--are trapped in suburban convention centers, and they're yours for the right price: $20 for a signature on a color photo, with a little fan-friendly chitchat thrown in gratis. Such is the blessing and curse of being affiliated with a sci-fi series: Your signature's worth something to someone in some town every weekend, and damned is the fool who passes up... More >>>