New York City is the materialization of order out of chaos. Boisterous crowds of pedestrian and vehicular traffic elegantly course through its veins on a minute-by-minute basis. Its manmade mountains, what Walt Whitman called "solid-planted spires tall shooting to the stars," mark the upward thrust of an endless hustle and bustle that begins many strata below. Imagine what you see if you make a latitudinal cut through the city, say down through Park Avenue, rendering what is called in architecturalese a "sectional drawing." From the 24th floor of Lever House downward you'll find layer after layer of people moving rapidly, so many diverse and free-flowing vectors in space carefully orchestrated by the gridiron logic shot upward. Follow your vision downward vertically to street level where cars, trucks, taxis and even Hummers slither gracefully by crowds of walkers, woggers and sometimes joggers. Take your eye below street grade, to the great hulking belly of the mechanical beast buried underneath, where you'll find the complex filigree of an underground network of communication, subways bolting, waste and debris jostling and thoughts and syllables popping and zapping all in the complex reticulation of mechanical and... More >>>