Personally, I'd like an iPod mini. One of those cute suckers, just $249 and the perfect gift from any aspiring local artist wanting to "get ahead." (I prefer pink, by the way.) And yet, we can't all afford such luxurious gifts for our favorite little music lover. Some of you may spend hours scouring the aisles of Tower Records only to leave with a flimsy $25 gift certificate. Happy holidays--now go buy your own present, kid. We're not knocking gift certificates (bring 'em on!), but shouldn't gifts be an expression of personality and care? Gifts say "I love you," "you're special to me," "I want a good review next time." So put the new U2 album back on the shelf. Step away from the Gwen Stefani. Let our crack staff of music writers guide you to a year of... More >>>