Skepticism suits Dr. Edmund P. Pillsbury. It informs his professional acumen; it sharpens his impressive intellect. It feeds his wry sense of humor; it counter-balances his lifelong love of art. Pillsbury runs Southern Methodist University's Meadows Museum. Before that, he saved Gerald Peters Gallery from turmoil at the top, partnering with Peters to create Pillsbury and Peters Fine Art. And before that, he spent 18 formative years developing a world-renowned collection for Fort Worth's Kimbell Museum. With his lengthy and vast experience and having seen the best art--and possibly the worst--throughout the world, Pillsbury might be voted "Least Likely to be Astonished" by anyone's art collection. Yet, he admits, despite a hefty dose of skepticism when he was told about the collection of Texas art being assembled in the home of Dallas arts patrons and philanthropists Richard and Nona Barrett, "I... More >>>