For hipsters, the coolest things are to be found twenty years ago, the most dreadful things ten years ago. So starting a few years back, we were deluged with '80s electro and synth-pop, and we pretended to forget jungle ever existed. Electroclash, the first naive sortie by dance music into the cycle of retro-reinvention that rock and hip-hop have been locked into for years now, has gone the way of the leg warmer and the pointy-toed pump (the second time around, that is). But plenty of dynamic recordings that can actually help us understand this strange and electronically savvy decade were released in 2004, and a few of the concept engineers working in the scene traced the outlines of a new, not-so-nostalgic horizon for machine-generated music. All in all, it wasn't as faddish or fleeting a year... More >>>