"So here's how it works," says Chris Holt, sitting with a guitar across his lap and sipping the first of several drinks. "You request the songs, and I play 'em." Within minutes, the crowd is lining up to hand him titles scribbled on cocktail napkins or simply shouting out the names: The Shins, Elliott Smith, Cheap Trick, Brian Eno, Bowie. But Holt's always game for an obscure dare, too, and while his voice occasionally may falter on a high note or his memory may blank on a chorus, it's astonishing how often he can pluck these songs from memory. As the evening unfolds, he moves to his keyboard so that he can offer up, say, a note-perfect rendition of Ben Folds Five's "Jackson Cannery" on the heels of a killer acoustic cover of Rush's... More >>>