Here's a question: Which local band has the biggest draw? Or another: Do people see local music as much as they used to? These are the kinds of things you and I can talk about for hours as we drain a pint or seven. Theories abound on this topic. My former colleague Zac Crain has written that the problem with the Dallas scene is "too many opening bands and not enough headliners." The city's most successful developments have nothing to do with live music--West Village, for instance, or Mockingbird Station. Meanwhile, the city's epicenter of live music continues to battle a perceived problem of violence and mediocrity. Or is that just what the press keeps telling us? I put out the call to various club owners and talent buyers to find out which bands draw at their clubs and how they see the scene. Sadly, but not surprisingly, several of these queries went unanswered, so I can't tell you who draws biggest at Club Indigo or Curtain Club. But the variety of answers and opinions is interesting. Order yourself a beer; you might... More >>>