The Susan B. Anthony dollar coins are so sad. I mean, really, who uses them? They're forever being confused with quarters, jamming soda machines, baffling 7-Eleven clerks and sitting unused in change jars across the country. The Susan B. Anthony coin isn't even the big cheese anymore now that that whippersnapper Sacajawea stole the show with her fancy gold one. Personally, I think Anthony, a tireless advocate for women's suffrage, should be on the $20 bill. In my new role as U.S. mint operator, I'd also stick Elizabeth Cady Stanton on the 10, Amelia Bloomer on the five and Lucretia Mott on singles because the work these activists did to gain political enfranchisement for women was the bee's knees. Eighty-five years later, the Women's Museum of Dallas is marking the monumental achievements of all American... More >>>