For whatever reason, the Polyphonic Spree is among the most despised bands from Dallas. Maybe it's the fame, the robes or the super-happy lyrics, but something about the enormity and oddity of the Spree just doesn't do it for hipsters and jocks alike. Well, Scrooges, it's Christmastime, which is the perfect season to leave your cynical 'tudes behind and give the cheerful dozens a shot at the sixth annual Polyphonic Spree Holiday Extravaganza. This is as family-friendly a rock show as they come--a huge array of pre-Spree shows and activities, including petting zoos, tap-dancing grandmas and New Yorker Gustafer Yellowfold's crazy cartoon-backed dance routines, will keep kids as wide-eyed as grown-ups, while Conan... More >>>