I haven't stepped foot in Trees in several years--last time, I suspect, was when X's original line-up tore up the place, reducing it to splinters like it was 1979. I hadn't been in the joint in a long time, and returning on those rare occasions was like visiting your old high school populated by tattooed children. I didn't figure it'd be my last time there, but if you told me then the joint would soon be gone, I would have shrugged, muttered something about the inevitable end of all good things and added it to the long list of local music venues put out to pasture. The Orbit Room was long gone too; Theater Gallery and Prophet Bar, decayed and forgotten corpses; Twilite Room, barely a footnote in the history books. Even the old fave hangs were shadows of shadows of their former selves; then, truth be told, I haven't been to the Galaxy Club or Club Clearview since, oh, Clinton's second term or Bedhead's second album,... More >>>