Back in 1969, The Who sang plaudits to Tommy, the Helen Keller of ur-gaming. Deaf, dumb and blind, the miraculous Tommy "plays by sense of smell," letting lie fallow his senses of sight and sound until he snaps out of temporary sensual oblivion and leads the caulk-clad, eye-shaded and ear-plugged members of his pinball cult to enlightenment, or so the rock opera goes. Just as Tommy emerged as the messiah of the arcade, analog technology was giving way to digital, making quaint his penchant for the pinball machine. From Magnavox's Odyssey to Atari's Pong, digital technology forever changed the landscape of gaming, transforming the roving balls and ting-a-lings of an upright box on four legs to the back-and-forth "palk" of a zigzagging square ball on a screen wired to a console and... More >>>