If babies have the market cornered when it comes to cuteness, 6-month-old Jacob Wesley Cato is the CEO of cute. He bounces up and down in the baby-walker equivalent of a tricked-out sports car, giggling and poking the myriad attachments that whiz, spin and twirl. The primary-colored paint job makes it an even cooler ride. But Jacob's real charm isn't in his sweet set of wheels; it's in his smile. Perpetually grinning, he babbles as his mom, Tracy, sprawls him out on a blanket on their living room floor. Behind them, red-checkered curtains frame the scene as Jacob's dad, Kelley, a firefighter, looks on. It's a picturesque suburban American family moment, but there may not be many more like it for the Catos and their adopted son. A federal adoption law says their arrangement is illegal. The problem is that Tracy and Kelley are white,... More >>>