It’s after dinner on Christmas day and everyone is getting antsy. Football isn’t holding the attention. The kids found their way back into the house. The booze is wearing off (or kicking in, either way it’s in transition). You all need to get out and stretch your legs but it’s December 25 — what the hell is open? What place could be so happenin’ and in demand that some poor saps had to be there on Christmas? LEGOLAND (3000 Grapevine Mills Parkway in Grapevine). Spelled in all caps for enthusiasm, not just because that’s the proper spelling. Finally, you don’t have to resort to a family game of “Never Have I Ever” to pass the time. There’s a scavenger hunt in MINILAND, where 11 Santas are hidden among 1.5 million LEGO blocks; milk and cookies from 2 to 4 p.m.; and for a donation to the children’s charity Merlin’s Magic Wand, you get to build your own Christmas ornament (out of what, I wonder?). Tickets are free for kids younger than 2 and go up to $19 for anyone older than 13. Visit... More >>>