Don’t force New Year’s Eve. That’s a rookie move. If you apply too much pressure to an evening’s plans, you’ll smother the thing and it’ll die on the vine. Here’s how you do New Year’s like a champ: Get a cab with your favorite people, then drink in excess. Make out with someone (doesn’t matter who) at midnight — then high five said someone and never revisit the experience. That’s adulthood, and it’s great. We’ve looked ahead at the city’s best parties and picked out some favorites. Here are three. Texas Theatre (231 W. Jefferson Blvd.) shatters 2014’s glitter glass ceiling with its Year of the Woman party, a gussy-up affair featuring sets by Zhora, BOAN and Jenny Robinson. The night’s exotic dark matter gets plumped by DJs Wild in the Streets and Ruthie of Blackstone Rangers, plus a surprise guest. Non-woman, Observer coverboy and cultural shapeshifter George Quartz hosts the night. It’s $15 to $20, but shell out the extra five for VIP. There’s Champagne — or something resembling it — handed out... More >>>