If it isn’t enough watching Jillian Michaels yell in Biggest Loser contestants’ faces and then spending alone time with her in your living room while you grunt and groan to her workout DVDs, then her Maximize Your Life tour might just be the perfect push for you to finally get off the couch. Michaels said losing weight is simple: You eat less and exercise more. We’re hoping her motivational speaking tour will give you more specific tips than that, but we’re not promising anything. And if your weight isn’t your main concern, then maybe the tour can still help you. She said oftentimes, people lose the weight, then fall in love, change careers, or even start a business. Here’s to hoping you can put down the Cheetos and find an equally skinny lover. The tour stops at SMU’s McFarlin Auditorium, 6405 Boaz Lane, at 7 p.m. Friday. Tickets are $40 to $150 at... More >>>