Until recently, the recipe for a steakhouse hasn't been much more complicated than the recipe for perfectly cooked steak. Fill a sizable dining room with leather booths and a sharp-looking staff, put some dry-aged rib roasts on display in a meat locker and wait for the Bentleys to come test out the valet. So long as the steaks are worth sawing through, the steakhouse house recipe has proved a reasonably lucrative one here in Dallas, drawing high-profile customers and big-ticket prices by serving up a little bit of something for everyone with enough money to enjoy it. If you're brokering an important business deal, do it at a steakhouse after your partner has had a few martinis. If you're celebrating an anniversary, a steakhouse will wrap you and your loved one in an evening of beefy luxury. Looking for a big meal before the bachelor party? Take your bros out for cocktails and strip steaks in a... More >>>