This month Oak Cliff’s The Wild Detectives hosts Wordspace’s OffWorld Sci Fi Readers Club. We know, we lost you at “sci fi readers club,” but hear us out. Location? The Wild Detectives where they serve coffee, wine, beer, cheese and pie. You love all of those things. Host? Will Evans of Deep Vellum Publishing, that super cool local publishing house. You should probably know him. The book? Arkady & Boris Strugatsky’s Definitely Maybe, which is full of content the Soviet Union apparently objected to and therefore heavily censored. Interested now? Here’s your game plan. Make a short trip to Wild Detectives (314 W 8th St.) in the next week to grab the book. Then, read the book. (It’s short.) Then, head to Wild Detectives at 7 p.m. to hang out with Evans and drink wine. Oh, and talk about the book of... More >>>