Many a love letter has been written to the short play. If it’s a bad play, the 60-minute run time gives a quick release from shoddy dialogue, or accents that need tuning. If it’s a good play, it leaves you wanting more. Plus the actors and the audience won’t have to make a mad dash to the bathroom. So maybe Sundown Collaborative Theatre is on to something with its 3rd Annual(ish) Short Works Festival – a week long event that splits time between Margo Jones Theatre (1121 First Avenue) and Green Space Arts Collective (529 Malone St., Denton). See the plays at 8 p.m. Monday – Wednesday in Dallas or catch ‘em in Denton Thursday and Friday. And don’t be afraid to have that second glass of wine at dinner. Tickets are $10 and available by calling 940-220-9302. More information is available at... More >>>