Not that you care about my childhood, but around age 8, I acquired the knack for entertaining Japanese businessmen. Now wait, just let me finish. My dad worked for a Japanese company that, as he explained, "made the parts that connect the parts in a computer." On occasion, he would have his colleagues out to the house for a home-cooked meal and time with the family—something rare for a guy in from Nagano on a month-long stay. It was fine and all, until sake flowed and my sister and I were forced to perform for our slightly uncomfortable guest. She would have to sing and play guitar, and I would have to sing and dance whatever number my ballet/tap/jazz class had just mastered. Dad would emcee and offer the occasional B.B. King blues riff here and there. Well, Old Man Molemo totally stole Dad's idea, but thankfully, his daughters seem to be performing with him voluntarily and... More >>>