The Squeamish are cousins to the Amish, tucked away in Quilt County, selling cheeseballs to gourmet stores to keep the sect afloat. Then one day, Sister Elizabeth (Arianna Movassagh) has her job as chief cheese maven handed to Brother Nathaniel (Jeremy Whiteker). Unfair? Uh, yeah. So she runs away and finds new friends, new job and many challenges to her gentle nature out in the cold, cruel world. In this 87-minute comedy by brother-sister writers David and Amy Sedaris, cheese is the catalyst for change for the title character. But then so is a woman (Lisa Hassler) in a Mr. Peanut costume, a gay alcoholic (Whiteker) in fake Indian garb and a chatty tourist (Hassler again) carrying a poodle wearing pink sunglasses. Amy... More >>>