As I settle into my thirties, I'm leaning toward the healthier side of life--working out, eating better, doing cardio--although it doesn't show. Dang it. With spring in the air, I really want to invest in a bike, because I can only go so many miles on the elliptical before getting bored with all 400+ songs on my iPod. The thing is, they scare me. I've never mastered the art of shifting gears and thus suffer up steep hills, but my calves look great. What's more is that numbing sensation after every ride, stationary or not, smack dab in the middle of my buttocks wherein the bicycle seat imprints itself. This feeling does not bode well for a graceful exit off said bike followed by a poised gait. While I currently have no plans regarding children, I like to at least keep my ammo reserve fully stocked and loaded should the need arise to spawn offspring. Thus, I may not... More >>>