Some things are meant to make a comeback, while others I'm not too sure about. If they brought back Fruit Wrinkles and Popples, I'd be all about it, but I think Scooby-Doo and the Magic Mystery gang have exceeded their 15 minutes of fame by a few decades now. The suits at Warner Bros. obviously disagree with me, because not only are they bringing Scooby back, they're doing it live. I'm not talking about the live-action movie with Sarah Michelle Gellar and an odd-looking CGI dog—this time they're putting Scooby, Shaggy and the rest of the gang onstage for 90 minutes of "groovy zaniness." Thankfully, they've decided to leave useless Scrappy-Doo at home. It turns out that in a "long-lost episode," those meddling kids have to help Daphne's movie-directing uncle fight off the supernatural entity wreaking havoc at the old Clawhammer movie studio. Kind of like the old mill but not. My guess—it's either a movie studio exec or a disgruntled former actor wearing a mask and using some fancy rigging. If you go, let me... More >>>