If you Google "mystical arts of Tibet," you probably won't be surprised that the first name on the screen will be none other than Mr. Richard Gere. In these parts, the man is known for three things: his average acting skills, his supposed foray into gerbilling and his well-publicized friendship with the Dalai Lama. Well it's taken awhile, but it's finally time for Dallas to benefit from Gere's love of all things Tibetan. For a week, Tibetan Lamas of the Drepung Loseling Monastery will be at the Crow Collection of Asian Art creating (and then ceremoniously destroying) a mandala sand painting. After a ceremony of chants and music to consecrate the painting site, the monks draw out the design of the mandala and then spend the next few days meticulously pouring millions of grains of colorful sand. Once the mandala is finished, it will be swept up and poured out into a flowing body of water (in our case, Turtle Creek), representing the impermanence of all... More >>>